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Patio Enclosures
The best solution for your business

Almax Stylings is specialized in designing and installing PATIO COVERS: canopies, sunrooms and awnings; fixed or retractable.

PATIO COVERS offers the best solution for you to live your veranda in every weather. Thanks to its distinctive opening and closing system and its high resistance to wind and rain, PATIO COVERS is the ideal covering system for your veranda even under inclement weather conditions. It also offers you the possibility of closing your veranda with windproof panels.

All small parts are rust free and moisture resistant. These are features that make our PATIO COVERS solid and long-lasting.

Restaurant and Bar Patio Covers significantly increase the working surface and, as a consequence, the number of tables for your customers. These structures create a cozy atmosphere, well integrated with the surrounding environment.

Our Patio Covers use the "M.A.N.T.T.-M.A.S.A.W." system, which has been patented and tested.
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