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Motorized Telescopic Roofs
The best solution for your business

Motorized Telescopic Roofs are the optimal solution for those who need to extend their space in gardenn, deck, terrace or balcony and to get protection from sun, rain, wind, snow and dampness.

Motorized Telescopic Roofs make the most of your patio and commercial space.

Why to use our products? It will add value to your space, and in the same time you will save money by not incurring in the costs of a permanent building.

Motorized Telescopic Roofs ofer protection from sun, UV rays, wind, rain, snow, humidity and noise:

Retractable and Telescopic

Motorized Telescopic Roofs are better than fixed awnings because they are more suitable in any weather conditions.

In fact, Motorized Telescopic Roofs are equipped with a motorised or manual system for opening and closing the covering which makes them very easy to use.

Motorized Telescopic Roofs provide shelter from dampness and drafts in winter whereas in summer they allow you to live your outdoor space (patio, garden, terrace or balcony) protected from wind and sunlight.

Especially in summer, an Motorized Telescopic Roofs reduces the heat by 30-40%, converting your outdoor area into an additional room for your house.

Motorized Telescopic Roofs or Retractable Enclosures are useful not only for private houses but they also apply to businesses. In particular, Motorized Telescopic Roofs offer protection to restaurants, pubs, bars and any other outdoor hospitality business.
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